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Tower crane -QTZ63
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The performance of QTZ63 Hydraulic self-lifting Tower Crane is good, and it has following functions: it can be independently installed or attached installed to a building, hydraulic climbing heightened, horizontal boom support, equipped with luffing carriage, self-lifting upper platform. It has standard boom length of 45m, and 50m with an extended boom; Max. Lifting weight 6t; Rated-lifting moment is 630KN.m。 Following is the main characteristics: 1.1 The tower could be heightened with hydraulic climbing standard sections, and the tower height could be adjusted according to the actual building height. 1.2 High working speed, good speed adjusting performance, stable operation and high working efficiency. The lifting mechanism adopts tri-speed motor and single reduction ratio reducer, and could realize functions of low speed with heavy load and high speed with light load, it max speed could reach to 65.5m/min. The luffing carriage could move along the horizontal boom to realize the radius changing, and it is easy to be installed. Slewing mechanism adopts planetary gear reducer, equipped with moment limiting type coupling, and it has functions of high lifting capacity, stable startup, reliable working condition, and working normal in wind, etc. 1.3 Wide working range and wide application. Through changing and adjusting some parts or associated devices, the tower crane could be installed independently or attached to a building, to meet different requirements. The max lifting height could reach to 140m with attached installation method. To realize the designed lifting capacity, there are five sets of anchorage devices adopted: 1st set of anchorage device is 32m high from ground, 2nd set of anchorage device is 24m higher than the 1st set, and 3rd set of anchorage device is 24m higher than 2nd set, 4th set is 21m higher than 3rd set, and 5th set anchorage device is 18m higher than the 4th. Each anchorage device height could be adjusted according to the actual building floor height. The tower crane max lifting height could be 40m when it is independently installed. 1.4 Various kinds of safety devices are equipped to guarantee working safe and reliable. It is equipped with the following safety devices: lifting height limit switch, carriage luffing limit switch, slewing limit switch, moment limit device and lifting weight limit device, etc. 1.5 The driver cabin is laid aside independently, w ith god sight vision, and could create a good operational environment for the operator. There are power plug socket installed inside the driver cabin, which could be used for connections of self-installed air conditioner, air blower or heating device. 1.6 Reasonable layout of the whole equipment, which appears to be comfortable. 1.7 The lifting boom adopts rigid dual tension bar to be supporting parts, which structured to be simple. 1.8 Convenient operation and easy to be maintained. With the above-mentioned virtues, the equipment is widely applied to construction of large-scale buildings such as high level hotels, residential buildings, high level industrial buildings, large span industrial factory buildings, high and large scale chimneys and cylindrical storage buildings, etc. Only a set of 25t truck is required to realize the tower crane installation, which makes it convenient and quick.
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