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Colistin Sulphate 10% Premix
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Colistin Sulphate 10% Premix


Colistin (Polymyxin E) is polymyxin antibiotic isolated from culture fluid of Bacillus polymyxa var colistinus bacteria in soil. Colistin is effective against most Gram-negative bacilli such as E-coil, Serpulina Hyodysenteriae, Salmonella Pullorum  and also effective on Pseudomonas aeruginosa.



[Specifications for CVP 2010] 


Test Items



White to light-yellow or yellow granules



Loss on Drying

10.0% max

Particle Size

100% pass 2# mesh (0.85mm)


90.0~110.0% of labelled content






 1)  Improve growth performance and conversion rate of livestock & poultry;


 2)  Inhibit Gram-negative bacteria at growth duration or dormancy state;


 3)  Prevent bacterial diarrhea & synergistic effects with other antibiotics;


 4)  No cross tolerance with broad range of antibacterial agent;


 5)  Little absorbed by intestine and stomach, no residue.



[Recommended dosage]   g/ton of complete feed



Target Animals

Colistin Sulphate

Withdrawal Period


<2 months

20(600MU) – 200(6,000MU)

7 Days

2-4 months

20(600MU) – 400(12,000MU)


< 70 days

20(600MU) – 200(6,000MU)


< 3 months

50(1,500MU) – 400(12,000MU)

Note: 1ug of Colistin is equivalent to 30 units of Colistin; MU = Million Unit






 1)   May cause damage in kidney function by overdosing;


  2)  Prohibited to use during laying period. 


[Storage]   It should be kept cool and dry in well-closed original package.


[Package]   25kg Drum net each


[Shelf Life]   24 Months

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