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Dextrose Monohydrate

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Dextrose Monohydrate

1.Professional manufacturer Dextrose Monohydrate
3.Raw materials:corn starch

Description: Dextrose Monohydrate is D-glucose crystallized with a water molecule. Dextrose is glucose of vegetable origin, obtained through enzymatic hydrolysis of cornstarch (Not genetically manipulated, absence of GMO). Its sweetener power (in 10%m/m solution) is equivalent to the 75% of the sucrose.


Apperance: A White, crystalline powder, with a sweet taste, freely soluble in water, sparingly soluble in alcohol.
Specific Optical Rotation: +52.5 - +53.3
Acidity or alkalinity: 6.0g, 0.1M NaOH 0.15ml
Appearance of solution: Clear, odourless
Clarity Ethanol of Solution: Conforms
Chlorides: 125ppm max
Moisture Content: 7.0-9.5%
Sulphates: 200ppm max
Sulphated ash: 0.1% max
Calcium: 200ppm max
Barium: Conforms
Iron: 0.001% max
Heavy metals: 5ppm max
Lead: 0.5ppm max
Arsenic: 1ppm max
Total Plate Count: 1000pcs/g max
Molds and Yeasts: 100pcs/g max
E. Coli: Negative


As the essential element and most basic medical material, glucose enjoys wide functions and usage. Especially with the improvement of life condition, it is widely used in food industry as the substitute of saccharose.

Storage: Store in a cool, dry and ventilated environment.

Packing: Packed in 25kgs kraft bag

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