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980nm Diode Laser For Red Blood Silk

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Beijing OPT Laser is one of the largest OEM 980nm diode laser for red blood silk distributors, who is equipped with a professional factory. The latest Redless Diode 980nm Laser Therapy System is a very safe and comfortable technology to remove redness and telangiectasia on various part of the body. The system has intelligent control system and precise aiming beam. It has non-invasive treatment to solve skin problems without tanesthesia. Therefore, the accurate laser energy can be safely and effectively acted on treatment areas for the best curative results.

980nmDiode laser (980-L1)

Machine Detail:


The principle for laser’s blood vessels treatment lies in selective photothermolysis theory. Painless high frequency can coagulate the hemoglobin by heat and close the amplified capillaries immediately. Treatment Tip diameter is only 0.011mm which will not damage the epidermis. The major targeted chromophore in facial vascular treatment is oxyhemoglobin that existing in red blood cell in vessels. Chromophore is the essential substance that absorbs laser energy. Appropriate pulse width and energy will be set in accordance with different thermal relaxation time. Then vessels will be damaged without hurting surrounding tissues.

According to the curve of laser absorption by targeted substance (right picture), oxyhemoglobin shows a much higher absorption interval in 980nm. Thus 980nm semi-conductor laser has the ideal treatment effects for facial vascular removal.

After absorbing laser energy, oxyhemoglobin produces thermal energy and spreads to vascular endothelial cells through conduction mechanism. In consequence, blood vessel wall is damaged and facial vascular will be treated. The vascular can be removed once. Two working modes, Pulse and Continuous, guarantee more comfort and obvious results.       



Quick treatment with Obvious curative result;

Optical fiber coupling output technique;

Non -invasive, no need of special care, without downtime. 


1 Vascular lesions

2. Angiotelectasis

3. Proliferative lesion

4. Age spots and sun spots.


Technical specification: 

Output Power:

Max10W ;step value is 0.25W, 1-30

Laser Type

980nm diode laser, Class IV


less than ±2%

Beam divergence



980nm±10nm, far IR

Laser output power

0.25W~ 10W, step value is 0.25W, 1-30

Spot diameter


Max. output laser power

max. 10W

Aiming indicator light

<5 mW,650nm red semiconductor laser

Power supply

Code1: single-phase 230V ±23V, 50Hz±1Hz

Code2: single-phase 110V ±11V, 60Hz±1Hz

Normal working conditions

Ambient Temperature: 5℃ ~ 40℃;

Relative Humidity: 30% ~ 75%;

Atmospheric Pressure:  70kPa ~ 106kPa.

Transportation and storage requirements

Ambient Temperature: -40℃ ~ 55℃ (drain out cooling water)

Or  4℃ ~ 55℃ (with cooling water);

Relative Humidity: ≤95%;

Atmospheric Pressure: 50kPa ~ 106kPa.



Net weight


Package & Delivery

Packaging Details:

bulk in Air box / upon request


Delivery Detail:

Loading port:

normally 7 -10 working days after order confirmed and deposit received

FOB Beijing/Tianjin

CE Certificates




Our Services

1. Guarantee: laser handpiece---1 year, 

                      Other parts (Consumption material not include)---2 year 

                      Whole life to supply the maintenance;

2. Any inquiries or recommends will try to give the reply within 24hours.

3. Provide OEM and ODM services. We can customize the software and case logo.

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