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Urea Formaldehyde Resin Powder

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#0316 urea formaldehyde resin powder is a powdered form of standard urea formaldehyde resins. As an easy-to-use, long-shelf-life and easy-to-transport powder product, it is used in water dispersion and applied in combination with hardeners, fillers and modifiers according to users’ technical formula.
#0316 is characterized by its high water resistance, mould proof and free from contamination. When used in wood gluing, its bonding strength would be stronger than wood itself. When used with extenders, hardeners and water according to the different demands for the cost and water resistance, #0316 is suitable for production of furniture, plywood and laminated board.

  1. High bonding strength
  2. Convenient for using
  3. Formaldehyde emission could reach International standard
  4. Both cold and hot solidification could reach ideal effect
  5. Similar wood color, and do not pollute the wood
  6. Excellent water proof performance
  7. Convenient for transportation

Application Areas

#0316 is suitable for the processing of plywood, particle board, MDF&HDF, and etc. Below are major applications for reference:

  1. Various kind of artificial boards
  2. Gluing plywood & bentwood
  3. Surface veneer for door and decorative boards
  4. Engineered solid wood flooring
  5. Finger or butt joint of woods




White easy flowing powder

Fineness (80 mesh standard sieve)


(powder: water=1:1, at 77°F/25℃)


Free Formaldehyde


  Gel time at 77°F(25℃) (with hardener)


Bonding strength


Shelf life at 77°F(25℃)



(1) Pretreatment for wood material

  1. Moisture content reaches to 10 + 2%
  2. Remove knots, cracks, oil stain and resin etc.
  3. Wood surface must be flat and smooth.

(2) Dissolving the resin

  1. Mixture ratio:   UF Powder : Water=1:≤0.5
  2. Pour about 2/3 of the required water into the mixer and switch on the 
  3. mixer.
  4. Add all of the UF resin powder gently into the running mixer.
  5. When a homogeneous solution is obtained, add the remaining 1/3 of the

    water to the mixer.

  1. The user could add hardeners and extenders to the mixed liquid glue 

    depend on the actual requirement.


The small amount of free formaldehyde in the product may cause dermatitis, when it comes into contact with skin of sensitive people. Skin contact with powder should be avoided. Hand should be washed with soap and hot water after the working day. A dust mask should be worn, while emptying the bags. A suction hood is needed during hot press.


The powder resin should be stored in a cool place protected from heat. Care should be taken that powder does not absorb moisture and water, in order to avoid agglomeration and deterioration. When storage condition is good, shelf life would not be less than one year.

Packing and Transportation

kraft paper bag lined with double PE bags, 25Kg/bag.

This product is non-hazardous. It should be kept away from rain, heat and sunshine during transportation.

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