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TVI Video Multiplexer

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Producing customized tvi video multiplexer of high performance, we are here waiting for you, and we can offer you tvi video multiplexer wholesale service.


 Model:  SD-104C-T

 User Manual
1.Coaxial signal formats

 Coaxial HD video standard on the market at present is divided into three kinds of HD CVI (they are dahua company standards, male mai technology AHD and hikvision TVI standard). Its resolution is divided into 1 million pixels (720 p), 1.3 million pixels (960 p), and 1.3 million pixels (1080 p), and other three kinds of the resolution of the video image.

 In view of the three standard video signal promoted very high image quality, a surge in demand for these three products. However the transmission equipment of the three categories of products demand is very high, rarely caused a transmitter of the class products, but widely used for such products.
2.Brief Introduction

 This product USES special compression modulation technology, on the front end (transmitter) will 4-way TVI hd video camera is compressed, made into digital signal in coaxial cable transmission, the back-end (receiver) through demodulation,reductive into 4 hd signals after decompression, for hd DVR (TVI) or matrix is used. This series of products can be divided into the 100 meters, 200 meters, 300 meters, such as the transmission distance and different models.

 1. The new project can use this device with the 4 coaxial video cable becomes a coaxial video cable, saving cable usage.

 2. Reconstruction project in the newly added point, you can access nearby.

 3. Compatible HD- TVI analog video signals.

 4. Wide voltage input, multi-stage power supply filter design. (DC 5V-12V input)

 5. Built-in ESD protection circuit module signal the effective protection of the principle Cockpit equipment from outside electrostatic interference.

 6. Modular design and installation, bi-directional transmission of video signals

 7. No need adjustment.

 8. The use of advanced digital compression technology.

 9. The full real-time video transmission, no dropped frames without delay, broadcast-quality image index.

 10. The simple wiring structure, easily obtained, low cost, simple construction, reduced working hours.

 11. The product uses the patch installation process to ensure its stability.

 12. The aluminum alloy shell. 19-inch 2U Rack design

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