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Ethernet To Analog Device

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Producing customized ethernet to analog device of high performance, we are here waiting for you, and we can offer you ethernet to analog device wholesale service.

This manual may contain technical inaccuracies, or product features and operation is not consistent, or typographical errors. We will according to product function enhancement and update the contents of this manual,
And will regularly improve or update the products or procedures described in this manual. Updates will join in the new version of this manual, without prior notice.
1, product introduction
Based on IEEE 1901 technology, the latest support in coaxial cables and telephone lines and  other HD video and high-speed data transmission on the medium. The  characteristics of long  transmission distance, high speed of communication, multimedia business support, support network  advantages.
2, light products
Equipped with 4 LED indicators:
Coaxial: physical link connection indicator light: when the Coaxial cable, twisted pair physical  lines connecting the light is normally on, if the indicator light  flashing or would you please  check the transmission lines.
LAN: Ethernet interface connection/activity indicator: when the Ethernet connection has been  established, the light is normally on; When the Ethernet connection has  a data activities, the  light is flashing. As shown in figure 2-2 
3, The Main Features:
Main characteristics are as follows:
1. Support multiple node in the network. Can simultaneously access on a cable for up to 20  (equipment) access network cameras terminal equipment;
2. The transmission distance is long. For ordinary SVY75-5 cables, the maximum transmission  distance can reach 2 km, and maintain the TCP/IP throughput is not less  than 30 MBPS;
3. The high speed of communication. Based on SVY75-5 circuit, the measured throughput data of  TCP/IP:
 1) cable length is less than 400 m - 92 MBPS;
 2) the cable length is less than 1000 m - 74 MBPS;
 3) cable length is less than 2000 m - 30 MBPS;
4. Easy to use and support plug and play, without changing any configuration network cameras and  other network terminal equipment;
5. Can make full use of the original coaxial cable, power lines or telephone wiring,  communications media, such as the need to laying Ethernet, greatly simplifies  the network  deployment, reduces the network installation cost;4, Product Performance Parameters

Transfer rate: the biggest 100 MBPS

Transmission distance, as far as 2000 meters

Cable type: coaxial, rf, twisted-pair cable, telephone line

Butt port: RJ45 * 1, BNC * 2

Product weight: 60 g

Relative humidity: 5%~95%, no condensation

Power supply: dc 12

Working temperature: - 40 ℃ ~ 80 ℃

Maximum power consumption: 1.6 W

Dimension: 110 * 65 * 25 mm (L * W * H)

5, Schematic Diagram




6, Note:
L 2000 meters or less

 Please read equipment instructions carefully before using this equipment

 In strict accordance with the procedures installation and debugging,

 Pay attention to equipment waterproof, moistureproof, handle with care;

 Please use the stable voltage DC12V power supply;

 Please install the appropriate height, so as not to damage or get an electric shock;

 Before turning on the power supply, according to the panel, as shown in the chart, please  connect cable;

 Check whether the cable connection, in case of poor contact;

 Equipment failure, do not open, please contact my company's after-sales service

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