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Laser Tag Gun

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If you are looking for safe real game or gifts laser tag gun factory from one of the famous China laser tag toy gun manufacturers and suppliers, please feel free to contact Xi'an U-Go International Trade Co.,Ltd.

Laser tag gun

Infrared-sensitive targets are commonly worn by each player and are sometimes integrated within the arena in which the game is played. Since its birth in 1979,  laser tag has evolved intoes of play, and may include simulations of combat, role play-style games, or competitive sporting events including tactical configurations and precise game goals.

1(laser tag game)

Product Introduction
We are professional laser tag supplier. This model suits includes SWAT vest, suits the CS cos play game, the game against terrorism. The following will be very cool design and good quality. The gun is longer, more like real gun. If you like, we can match the small gun for kids. So it suits everybody.
Although the age requirements is 8+, we highly suggest booking for 12yrs+ as the Asylum can be frightening and may not be suitable for all players.

2(laser tag outdoor game)
More Attractive Rules
Capture the flag – this is where a player steals the opponents' flag and takes it back to his or her own base in order to score a point or win the match (depending on score system).
Protect the VIP – The team with the VIP must hide and conceal them for a set length of time while the opposing team tries to eliminate the VIP within the given time limit.

3 (laser tag)
Production Flow Chart

4(laser tag flow chart)
Basic Function
1. To record the lives: when you first play this game, you can set the number the lives with a remote control and you can hear the voice “live Three …” etc.;
2 Speak after being shot: if shot, you will see a strong flashlight and then hear a scream with vibrations.
3 To record the score: after the game, the combat vest can upload the scores to the central controller, then you can clearly see the times you are shot and the equipment that shot to you.

5 (laser  tag  light )
♦Voice Broadcast

1 To record the lives: when setting the number of lives, you can hear the voice from the combat vest “the number of lives is …”
2 To stop the game: after being shot for the times of your lives’ number, you can hear the voice “you have been killed ,please exit !”

Our service
We have 12 month warranty, that means if there any problems during these 12 months, we'll change for you for free. After these 12 months, any repair will be free, this will be ensure your profit, especially for clubs, cause the players not so care the equipment when they use them,12 warranty will be highly ensure your profit.

6(laser tag service)

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